Registration of foreign citizens

Foreigners can acquire a Finnish personal identity code by registering for the Population Information System. In certain cases, foreigners will also be registered with a municipality of residence (in Finnish: kotikunta) in Finland.

Registration is requested by visiting the Local Register Office or, in some cases, the local tax office. Starting on December 1, 2014, the request may also be filed together with an application for a residence permit, a residence card or the residence registration for EU citizens. These applications are received by Finnish missions abroad, the Finnish Immigration Service or the police. Since March 1, 2013, a personal identity code can be issued also for foreign citizens residing in Finland under diplomatic status or those employed by the United Nations or other international organisations.

Additional information on conditions for the registration of foreign citizens and on documents required are available on the website of the local register offices. Information is also available on the websites of the Finnish Tax Administration and the Finnish Immigration Service.